Winter Dance Activities {A Book Talk}

Winter is here and we are learning about animals in the winter in our kindergarten class. One of the books we read during our animals in winter unit is the book Winter Dance by Marion Dane Bauer. If you are not familiar with this book, be sure to check it out. It is a great book to use for an interactive read-aloud.

winter dance activities

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Winter Dance Activities

The book Winter Dance is great for vocabulary development. The fox in the story is trying to decide what to do now that winter is coming. He encounters different animals that suggest a movement that is unique to them, not necessarily a fox.

One thing I do while reading this story is encourage my kindergarteners to act out the movements of each animal.

“Swim like a turtle”

“Gather like a squirrel”

After we have read the story and acted out the movements, we fill out a chart with the movements each animal does.

book with worksheets

We also work on sequencing when we read this story.

book with worksheets

If you are interested in some of these engaging Winter Dance activities to go along with the book, be sure to check out our Winter Dance interactive read-aloud kit.


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