1st Grade Winter Math Centers Your Students Will Love!

One of my favorite things about 1st grade is the fact that at this point of the year, they can work independently at a station for a bit. I like to incorporate these 1st grade winter math centers into our math block in January. We use these January math activities to review and reinforce math concepts.

1st Grade winter math centers

1st Grade Winter Math Centers

In January, 1st graders are really beginning to take off with their learning. After winter break, the “aha” moment seems to hit many 1st graders. These January math centers are a perfect reinforcement.

Comparing Numbers

Place value is a big concept in first grade. One way to see if students truly understand place value is to compare numbers. This center has students using the symbols greater than, equal to, and less than to compare numbers.

numbers with comparison symbols and worksheet


Part-part- whole activities are a great tool for students to understand word problems and missing addends. As students practice them more, they become more familiar with number relationships.

task cards girl with ice block and ice black missing numbers

Missing Addends

My students can always use practice with missing addends. This mitten missing number match is a perfect review of this concept.

mittens equations with missing addends

Winter Find, Tally, Graph, & Solve

Find, tally, and graph activities are a favorite in our class. In this activity, students count the winter items and then graph the items.

winter clipart collage and graphing worksheet

Another part of the find, tally, and graph is the solve portion. Students use the data collected from counting to solve math equations. The fun part is the substitution of pictures instead of numbers!

winter clipart collage sheet

Missing Numbers

Missing number squares is an activity that reinforces the understanding of 10 more, 10 less, 1 more, and 1 less. I put a 120-number chart at this station for students who may need it to refer to.

snowman 10 more 10 less cards

Nonstandard Measurement


snowball ruler with coat to measure task cards

Fact Families

Fact families is a skill we work on all year in my class. They are great because my students are practicing addition and subtraction. This snowman fact family activity is a fun way to build a snowman and practice fact families.

build a snowman math facts and worksheet

1st graders love using these winter-themed math activities after the winter break! They are great for practicing math concepts. Each activity includes a kid-friendly task card that shows how to do the activity. If you think your students will love these 1st-grade winter math centers, check them out below.

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