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The time is now to become a member of the TBMC! Gain access to new monthly resources for your classroom and challenges for you to help you grow as a teacher.

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Are you ready to change the feeling of overwhelm so you can teach, inspire, and engage your students?

The Teacher Bag Membership Club Is Here to Help!

The Teacher Bag Membership Club is a membership designed for kindergarten and first grade teachers like you. With this membership, you will receive monthly tips, tools and resources to put into your teacher bag.

What is included in The Teacher Bag Membership Club?

Classroom Resources

You will have access to engaging resources in all subject areas. New resources are added monthly.

Interactive Read-Aloud Kits

Instant access to interactive read-aloud kits. Plus, new ones added monthly.

Teacher Tools

Find organizational tools for your classroom to help eliminate the feeling of overwhelm. New teacher tool resources are added regularly.

Bonus Material

You will have access to resources and challenges that are only available to TBMC members.

Plus, you will also get:

  • A feeling of relief that have access to classroom tested materials at your fingertips.

  • Instant access to all resources in The Teacher Bag Store.

  • Exclusive resources only available to TBMC members.
  • A community of teachers to collaborate with.

  • Special prizes, bonuses and giveaways!

Classroom Resources

Each month new math and ELA resources will be added for your classroom. Bonus resources, which may include science, social studies or holiday themed activities may also be added. 


Interactive Read-Aloud Kits

Interactive read-alouds are a great way to incorporate vocabulary and comprehension strategies. When you join the TBMC, you will have instant access to all of the books in the reading room. Plus, each month new titles will be added.

Organizational Tools

Being organized as a teacher, means more time teaching and engaging with your students. When you join the TBMC, you will have access to many organizational tools. New tools are added regularly.


Bonus Material 

As a member of the TBMC you will have access to exclusive resources that are only available to members. These resources are meant to help you grow as an educator.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you join the TBMC, you automatically get access to all items from The Teacher Bag StoreEach month new items are added, and you continue to get access as long as you are a member. You can also join our exclusive Facebook community!

The membership is geared towards teachers in grades kindergarten and first grade, but second grade teachers would definitely find value as well. I am still in the classroom and have taught grades k-2, so these resources have been tested out!

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All of the resources in this membership are digital in nature. Some items will be in pdf form, so you with need a PDF reader. There are also some digital resources available. For these you will need a computer and/or tablet.

Due to the fact that membership materials are delivered electronically, refunds are not permitted. However, you are able to cancel at anytime if you feel like the membership is not working for you. 

If you still have questions, please fell free to email me at

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Join The Teacher Bag Membership Today!

The Teacher Bag Membership Club is here to help you! This membership club is for those of you who wish to stop the feeling of overwhelm, so you can teach, inspire and engage your students. Join now at a rate of $15 per month.  Or, you can pay for the $150 for the year (two months free).

Monthly Membership

  • Access to all products from The Teacher Bag Store
  • New resources added monthly
  • Monthly Read-Aloud Kits
  • Exclusive TBMC resources