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In our kindergarten class, we spend the first few weeks learning the alphabet letter names. We read alphabet books, sing alphabet songs, and so much more. One thing I like when we do alphabet activities is consistency. I like to have the pictures on the alphabet chart match a majority of the activities we do in class. If you keep reading, you can download a free alphabet chart and alphabet book. Learn fun ways we use these tools to practice letter names and sounds.

ABC Bundle Activities

One of the things I found helpful is to have a picture to represent each letter of the alphabet. I like when the activities we do or use have the same picture representation for each letter. This provides some consistency when learning the alphabetic code.

Alphabet Chart Activities

We use the alphabet chart as a warm-up almost daily during our small group instruction. These charts are also available throughout the classroom for my students to use as a reference.

alphabet chart

In our small group, we point to each letter and tap it three times. The first time we name the letter. The second time we say the sound of the letter. The last time we tap it, we name the picture. Use a finger pointer to make it more fun!

ABC chart with witch finger

Another fun activity to do with alphabet charts is to play “What is the missing letter?” Prep each chart by covering a few letters with a sticky note. Students guess what letters is covered by saying the name of the picture and listening to the beginning sound. They can name the picture and see if they can recognize the sound and then associate the letter that goes with it.

ABC chart with sticky notes

If you have finger flashlights or mini flashlights, you can play “Shine the light.” To play this game, each student will need a flashlight and an alphabet chart. You say “Shine the light on the letter ….” or for more of a challenge, ” Shine the light on the letter that makes the /m/ sound.” Your students will love this game!

ABC chart with flashlight

Alphabet Book

If a student is struggling to learn the letter names, we use a multisensory alphabet routine to help practice the names and sounds of letters. The book isolates one letter at a time.

finger pointing to ABC book

How this works is the student traces the uppercase letter with their finger and names the letter. Next, they trace the lowercase letter and say the sound. Last, they point to the picture and name the picture.

The student does this with the guidance of an adult to help correct and guide if needed.

If you want your own alphabet chart and book to help students learn letter names and sounds, fill out the form below to have it emailed directly to you.

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