Dice Math Games: Addition & Subtraction


Do you like to play math games to reinforce basic skills.  This set of addition and subtraction games are a fun way to reinforce math skills.  This pack includes 11 games.  All you need to do is add dice (and in some cases a spinner- paper clips work great for that).

You can read more about these math games here.


The games included are:

  • 4 in Row (3 versions)
  • Batter Up! (3 versions)
  • Buzzin’ For Honey
  • The Race is On!
  • Spin More or Less (2 versions)
  • How Many More to Make 10? (2 versions)
  • How Many More to Make 12?
  • Number Yahtzee (2 versions)
  • Add or Subtract
  • Roll and Cover (3 versions)
  • Race to 20

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