Free Snowman Digraph Bingo Activity

In my kindergarten class, winter is the time of year that I introduce the digraphs ch, sh, and th. It really expands their reading when my students begin to learn digraphs. One of the first things we do is practice hearing them in words. In addition to daily phonological awareness routines, we play a snowman digraph bingo game in our small groups as one way to practice hearing the digraph sounds in words.

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Snowman Digraph Bingo

We don’t get snow where we live, so whenever I do a snow-themed activity, my students get super excited! This snowman bingo game is always a big hit. It’s simple to prep, just print one game board per student and the picture cards. I laminate them so they can be used year after year. You will also need bingo markers. I use cotton balls or white pom poms.

bingo card with digraphs and cotton ball markers

Playing the game is simple. Show a picture card to your group. I have each student repeat the word so they can hear themselves say the sound. The digraph sound can be either at the beginning or end of the word. You may want to incorporate sound boxes to help them hear the sounds in each word.

On the bingo card, students cover up the digraph on their bingo card. There are only nine boxes, so this game goes fast. You can play 3 in-a-row, four corners, or blackout. If you think your students would like to play this game, fill out the form below to download this freebie.

Snowman Digraph Bingo Freebie

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