Using Mini Characters to Inspire Story Writing

Do you have mini figurines laying around? If you do, you can use them to inspire ideas for writing. Over the years my son played with a variety of toys that came with figurines from various movies or themes. I have a LOT of them! I didn’t want to throw them out, so I started to use these mini characters in my writing center for something called small stories.

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Mini Character Small Stories

First, you will need to collect mini figurines. These could be from Legos™, movie characters, mini erasers, or whatever you can think of that your students might be able to use for a story.

collection of mini lego figurines

I sent out a message to the parents in my class and my friends on social media. I was able to collect even more than I had at home from many of them.

Once you have figurines to work with, place a few in a container for your students to choose from. I set these up as a center so there are only a couple of students working with them at a time.


You will definitely want to model how to do this activity before you send them off. Once they start they will love this activity.

writing paper and small figurines

Have you used mini characters with writing in your classroom? If you think your students would enjoy this activity, download it below.

Download Small Stories Freebie

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