Word Work It!

Are you looking for word work activities that can be tailored with the words you or your students choose? This is the pack for you. This pack was designed to be able to be used with any words your choose. My students have an individual sight words list. They use their personal words with this activities during word work time.  You can download the preview, or read about it here.



I have copied most of the activities onto colored paper and laminated them. You can also just copy the activities onto white paper and use as a consumable. This pack includes the following activities.

Stamp It (letter stamps)
Build It (letter tiles, magnetic letters, etc)
Bead It (letter beads with string or pipe cleaners)
Bend It (pipe cleaners, wiki stix)
Dough It (play-doh)
Brick It (Legos)
Graph It (Reading words with a graphing twist)
Roll It (dice)
Swat It (fly swatter)
Rainbow Write It (rainbow markers or crayons)
Text It
Type It
Tally It (reading words with a tally twist)
Build It (multiple words- tiles, magnetic letters, etc)

*I have included some of the above papers as editable powerpoint slides, if you wish to type in the words.

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