Sticks {A Popsicle Stick Book Talk}

If you have ever given a student popsicle sticks to play with, you know that they are easily entertained by them. Students can find so many ways to be creative with them. If your students are engaged with popsicle sticks, be sure to check out the book called Sticks by Diane Alber.

cover of the book sticks

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Sticks is a book about a popsicle stick who is trying to find his purpose in life. In the beginning, a popsicle melts. after the popsicle melts, all that is left is a sticky, stained stick.

stick book open to a page with a popsicle stick

Throughout the story, popsicle stick meets more ‘sticks’ along the way; a twig, pencil, and a paintbrush. They all try and help him find his purpose. As you read, you soon find out there are clues throughout the story that lead to what a popsicle stick can be turned into as a stained stick.

My students love this book!

At the back of the book, there are some great extension ideas for you. There are also directions for you to make your own stick birdhouse.

Popsicle Stick Challenge

This leads to a great challenge for your students to create something with popsicle sticks. I gave my students a pile of sticks, some glue, and string. I didn’t give them a lot of direction on what to create. They just had to create something, draw a picture, and write about it.

paper with crayons and popsicles sticks laying on a table

It was definitely a fun challenge for them! If you are interested in more activities for the book Sticks, check out the read-aloud kit here or below.

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