Fall Centers in the 1st Grade Classroom

The weather is beginning to change, the leaves are turning colors, and fall decor is popping up everywhere. Fall is here! This is one of my favorite seasons of the year. Our math and literacy centers are filled with fall-themed activities and my students love it. Check out some of our fall centers.

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Fall Math Centers

Our fall centers are usually a mix of review from kindergarten and new concepts. These activities are put in our individual tubs, in small groups, or morning work.

Number Match

This number match activity is a great beginning of the year review for first grade. Students match numerals with matching ten frames, tally marks, and leaf cards.

fall center cards and worksheet

Number Order

This number order activity is a fun way to practice number sense. Students put the fall-themed cards in order from either least to greatest, or greatest to least.

fall center cards and worksheet


This fall make-a-ten center is a way for students to practice addition to ten math facts.

fall center cards and worksheet

Comparing Numbers

The comparing numbers activity has students practicing their understanding of numbers by using less than, greater than, and equal to symbols.

fall center cards and worksheet

Fact Families

Fact families are a great way to practice addition and subtraction facts and their relationships to each other.

fall center cards and worksheet

Acorn Measurement

Nonstandard measuring is always a big hit in our classroom. You can use real or fake acorns to use as a measurement tool, or acorn rulers.

fall center cards and worksheet

Find, Tally, Graph, and Solve

Find, tally, graph, and solve activities are always a big hit with my students. The find and graph activity has students counting fall objects and then graphing their results. The find, tally, and solve activity has students counting the objects and then they tally their results. After they tally their results, they solve the addition and subtraction problems. And for a challenge, students can make their own equation!

If you are interested in these fall activities for your math centers, check them out below.

If you are looking for autumn book resources and a fall poetry freebie, check out this Fall Resources post.

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