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Poetry seems to play a big role in the common core standards, which I am excited about.  I recently found a couple of books that teach about writing poetry.  I am excited to try them out this year.

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There are so many possibilities for using poetry when teaching, especially in the beginning of the year when were are doing a lot of rhyming activities.  The one chalenge I find with the rhyming is teaching the kids that not all poems rhyme, so these books will be great.

I have also found some books that are a collection of poems that are either already in my library or on my wishlist.


Here are the links to the books.

A Pizza the Size of the Sun
Color Me a Rhyme- Nature Poems for Young People
The Complete Tales and Poems of Winnie-the-Pooh
Falling Up
Pocket Poems
Where the Sidewalk Ends

What fun books of poetry have you found for children?  I would love more book recommendations.

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