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They are doing it!  My kids are actually doing daily five and really enjoying it.  My grade level partners and I tried this a few years back, but honestly we weren’t patient enough to wait the full month to really start it.

We have always felt that we needed to start our reading groups within the first two weeks.  This year we really made a commitment to give daily five a try.  Since we are “Reaching for the Stars” in first grade this year, we actually call our daily 5 STAR time because there are 5 points on a star (daily 5, get it).

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One of the things that was a little hard for me to do was give my kids a choice where they go each time (maybe later in the year).  So after searching on Pinterest for ideas, I found rotation cards/bookmarks.  I liked that idea because it gave me control for my RTI students and it eliminated me tracking where they are going each session.


There are five different rotation cards, so I placed each rotation onto a different color and laminated them.  This way I am able to visually see who should be at each rotation.  I made an extra set for me and I placed them onto a binder ring for my reference.  I made my own version of a bookmark with clip art that would match my clip art I used to make my expectation cards.  Grab your rotation card freebie here.

*This file is an “unofficial adaptation of the Daily 5 by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser.  It is not endorsed by the 2 Sisters.  To access official resources, check out The Daily Cafe.  If you have not read the book, I definitely would!  It was such a great help to me and I have read it more than once.


 Check back later this week for another freebie on how I keep track of their word work.



  1. Hello! I am teaching first this year (down from third!) and I am having a hard time with centers. I used to do Daily 5 in third and instead of giving it a try this year, I went with literacy centers and trying to do WAY too many activities (all independent) and it's a mess. I have seen the bookmark rotation before and I have a couple of questions for you:

    1. Do the colors match the reading group. Like are all the students that receive a red bookmark in the same reading group?

    2. If not, do you just pull your groups and the students miss that rotation?

    3. Do you keep track of where they are or where they have been (what color bookmark they got which day)?

    I am a little OCD about centers and I really need to find something with minimal maintenance so that I can just concentrate on my reading groups.


    If You Give a Teacher a Treat

  2. Hi Lindsay, thanks for leaving a comment. I understand how you feel about being OCD about centers. This is my second attempt at switching to Daily 5. The first time, I tried to begin my centers after 3 weeks of "training" and it didn't work. I went back to my old way. This year, our grade level was determined to fully commit to the training of the kids; and I think that was key. Here are some answers to some of your questions:
    1. I do not assign colors to reading groups, because I really don't pull a "reading group." I pull the kids individually to read with me, or I may small a few kids at a time if I know we are practicing the same skill. I randomnly put a bookmark into their book box each morning. It may be the same from the day before or different. I do make an effort to put separate two boys who do not work well together, so I give them different colors from each other.
    2. If the kids are pulled to read with me or interventions (some have extra support), they just miss that activity on their bookmark for the day. But since it is a different bookmark each day it is not a big deal.
    3. I do not keep track of where they have been because it changes everyday and they are pulled for reading; it would be hard for me to manage. After reading with each child, I do a quick walk aorund to make sure they are on task,

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