10 Favorite Teacher Cleaning Supplies for the Classroom

If you are a teacher, you most likely have a stash of cleaning supplies under your sink or in a bin somewhere. Yes, classrooms get cleaned but not always daily or thoroughly. It is nice to have a few specific cleaning supplies that can really help keep your classroom clean! Here is a round-up of some of our favorite teacher cleaning supplies.

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Favorite Teacher Cleaning Supplies

Be sure you check with your district about the use of these supplies. Some districts may not allow them or require you to take a training course on having them in the classroom. Let’s take a look at our top ten favorite teacher cleaning supplies.

1. Goo Gone

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If you have ever removed something that was attached with heavy duty tape, you may have noticed a sticky residue. Goo gone removes sticky stuff from surfaces in your classroom. It can even remove stubborn glue! All you do is pour a little on the sticky area and let it sit for a few minutes. Wipe it off with a paper or cloth towel.

2. Hand Sanitizer

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Kids are germy! Hand sanitizer is great to have at all of your small group tables. A squirt of sanitizer is a quick way to clean germs hands after a sneeze.

3. Disinfectant Wipes

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A quick wipe of desks with disinfectant wipes is a necessity daily in my classroom. Yes, our classrooms get cleaned, but not necessarily daily. I am sure that will change in 2020. I do not let my students use these, only adults. But, I do try and wipe down tables with these often.

4. Magic Eraser


There are times when you need a little extra cleaning power. You may notice that marker may not always come off desks or tables easily. If you mix a little elbow grease with a magic eraser, you will most likely have a markers free workspace. These erasers are great!

5. Shaving Cream

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You may be thinking shaving cream as a cleaning supply? You bet! This is a kid-approved favorite! All you do is spray some on a desk, have your students spell a few words and wipe clean. You will have desks and a pleasant smelling classroom!

6. Swiffer Dusters

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I always have a handful of students who love to help the teacher out. I keep a few swifter dusters on a shelf for those students. They use they to dust off our bookshelves and other places that don’t get cleaned on a regular basis.

7. Paper Towels

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You may be thinking, don’t classrooms have paper towels? Yes, they do but every classroom I have been in have only provided those brown, non-absorbent, multi-fold towels. Have you tried to clean up a spill with those? If you have, you will understand why absorbent paper towels are essential.

8. Microfiber Cloth

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Microfiber cloths are even better than paper towels. They are reusable and washable, so you are keeping things out of the landfill.

9. Nail Polish Remover

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You may wondering if I give myself manicures int he classroom? The answer is no. No time for that! But, nail polish remover works great when you need to remove sharpie marks from surfaces.

10. Hand Wipes

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Hand wipes are sometimes needed when your students are not able to get to the sink for a good hand-washing. They are quick and easy. These are also great to bring along on field trips.

If you are interested in hand washing activities, be sure to read this Hand Washing Made Fun blogpost.

There you have it, our top ten favorite teacher cleaning supplies. Are there any items you love that are not on this list? Be sure to to share them in the comments below!

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