Fun Ways to Teach Hand Washing in the Classroom

Kids are dirty, especially kids in kindergarten and 1st grade. They are also germy ( my own term), so hand washing is very important. We spend the beginning of the year talking briefly about germs and why it is important to wash our hands. I have a round-up of favorite books and videos I use to help teach about germs and hand washing.

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Favorite Read-Alouds

There are a few books I like to read that help explain germs and the importance of good hygiene to my students. You can click on each title to read more about each book.


Videos About Germs and Hand Washing

Over the years, I have found some songs and videos that my students always love! You can find some of our favorites below.

How Germs Spread (2:04)

Wash Your Hands (3:09)

How to Wash Your Hands For Kids (2:09)

In addition to reading books and learning songs, we will explicitly teach our students the proper way to wash their hands. I have made a poster to hang by our sink, just to have up as a reminder of the steps involved. We will learn all of the steps and practice, and then we will practice again.


As we practice, this will be a perfect opportunity to practice sequencing. I have made a cut-and-paste sequencing activity for my students to complete after we have sequenced the steps. If you are interested in the poster and sequencing activity, you can grab them both below.

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Do you have other fun ways that you teach about germs and good hand hygiene? Share them in the comments.

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