Snowman Find, Tally, and Graph Freebie

My students can always practice counting things. Find, tall, graph, and solve activities encompass counting and many other math concepts. Plus, my class always loves them!

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Find and Graph

In the find and graph activity, students count each item and then graph the results. I usually laminate the collage sheets. My students use a dry-erase marker to cross off the items as they count them.

snowman collage sheet and worksheet

Find, Tally, and Solve

The find, tally, and solve activity involves counting the items and then tallying their results. They use their data to solve the equations.

snowman collage sheet and worksheet

Make Your Own Equation

My favorite challenge activity is the make-your-own equations. Your students will love making their own worksheets and challenging their friends to solve the equations.

snowman collage sheet and worksheet

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