Thanksgiving Find, Tally, Graph, and Solve Math FREEBIE

The week before Thanksgiving break can be a hard week to teach because everyone knows that there is a break on the horizon. I like to pull out our Find, Tally, Graph, and Solve activities to challenge and engage my students. These math activities combine so many 1st-grade math skills. Keep reading to see about getting your own Thanksgiving Find, Tally, Graph, and Solve pack for your classroom.

1st November Literacy Centers

Find and Graph

The Thanksgiving Find and Graph activity has students counting objects and then graphing their results. We laminate the collage sheet and have students use a dry-erase marker to cross off the items when they count them. Another strategy would be to give your students connecting cubes to cover each item. After each of the items they are counting is covered, they connect the cubes and count them up.

Thanksgiving collage sheet and worksheet

Find and Tally

Find and Tally activities take the counting of objects a bit further. After each item is counted, students tally their results. Next, they use those numbers to solve the equations on the page.

Thanksgiving collage sheet and worksheet

Make Your Own Equations

For a challenge, your students can design their own equation page. Students cut out the pictures and glue them onto their paper to make addition and subtraction problems. They can solve them on their own or ask a partner to solve them. They love this!

Thanksgiving collage sheet and worksheet

If you are interested in this free Thanksgiving Math Activity, download it below.

Copy of Free Download Blog Image

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