Favorite Snowman Books For The Classroom

Snowman books are always fun to read aloud in the classroom. Where I live in northern California we don’t get snow. We only need to drive about 30 minutes to get to snow, but I find many of my students don’t have the experience of playing in the snow or building a snowman. Bringing snowman books to read aloud to my classroom is a way to bring this experience to my students.

Favorite Snowman Books

collage of snowman books

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I think most of the snowman books are own are fiction. Many of these books contain vocabulary and story elements that can be taught using interactive read-aloud strategies.

Sneezy the Snowman

Let’s start with one of my favorite books, Sneezy the Snowman by Maureen Wright. My students also love this book! Sneezy the Snowman is cold, but every time he tries to warm up he melts. This book is great for sequencing and teaching cause and effect. You can get a free read-aloud kit resource here.

The Biggest Snowman Ever

The Biggest Snowman Ever by Steven Kroll is a fun story that you can use to compare characters. In this book, two mice who live different lives are in competition with each other to build the biggest snowman. They soon learn that teamwork can help you achieve your goals.

Snowmen At Night

The illustrations in the book Snowmen At Night are wonderful. In this story, the snowmen in a town come alive at night. The illustrations alone make reading this book worth it. Your imagination will run wild in this story. As an extension activity, you can have your students write about what they think a snowman does when they go to sleep.

100 Snowmen

100 Snowmen by Jen Arena is a math story. With your class, you can read and work together to count up to 100!


If your students like rhyming stories, they will love the book Snowzilla by Janet Lawler. In this story, a girl builds a gigantic snowman. The townspeople declare that it needs to go due to safety concerns. But the girl devises a plan to do better next year!

Making A Friend

Making a Friend by Tammi Sauer is a book about friendship. In this story, Beaver is good at making things. The one thing he is not good with is making friends. One snowy day, Beaver gets an idea for a friend. Raccoon passes by and decides to help Beaver. They soon discover that they ’made’ an unexpected friendship. You can find a read-aloud resource for this book here.

The First Day of Winter

Denise Fleming writes has a book called The First Day of Winter that I love to read to my class. In this story, you are taken through the process of building a snowman during the first ten days of winter. My students love to guess what will come next on each page.

What are some of your favorite snowman books that you read in your classroom?

collage of snowman books

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