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My students are obsessed with owls. Rightfully so, they are fascinating birds. One of my favorite types I like to teach about when we learn about polar animals is a snowy owl. Check out some of our favorite snowy owl activities that we do in our class.

snowy owl puppet

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Snowy Owl Books

There are many owl book titles out there to read. Here are a few nonfiction and fiction titles that are specific to snowy owls.

Snowy Owls by Melissa Ann Hill is a nonfiction book with some beautiful photographs of snowy owls that your students will love.

Snowy Owls Are Awesome is another nonfiction book with great photos. This book is perfect for kindergarten or 1st grade.

Another nonfiction book we have in our library is Snowy Owls (Animals That Live in the Tundra). This is part of a series of books about tundra animals.

If you are looking for a fun, fiction read-aloud be sure to check out the story Owl Babies by Martin Waddell.

In addition to having snowy owl books around, I found this puppet years ago at a teacher conference and had to have it. I found a similar one on Amazon. I pull this puppet out every year to demonstrate how the head of an owl can rotate. The puppet is so real-looking!

image of a snowy owl puppet

Snowy Owl Art Projects.

Snowy owls are gorgeous, which lends itself to some great art and craft activities you can do with your students. One that I like to do with my students is a snowy owl tear art project.

snowy owl art made with ripped paper

To make this, students rip white paper, white tissue paper, and newspaper into small strips. On the blue paper, we drew a large oval for the body and a circle for the head. Nest, they glue their paper strips onto the oval and circle. For the wings, I drew wing shapes on white paper and had each student cut them out. They glued the paper strips onto their wings and then glued the wings to the owl’s body. Last, they used yellow and black construction paper scraps to make the eyes and beak. They turned out great!

Here are some other fun projects I have found, but have not tried yet. The links to how to do each activity are below each picture.

Check out more polar animal resources here.

What are some of your favorite snowy owl activities that you do with your class?

snowy owl puppet

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