Sight Word Practice and Keep Activities

Sight words are something that we practice all the time. I try to provide many hands-on ways to practice our words. Sometimes I have my students complete a worksheet with activities on the page. The problem I find with some of them is they complete the worksheet and then that’s it. There isn’t much follow-up.

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Sight Word Practice and Keep

Sight words or high-frequency words are one of those things that students need to practice consistently. Some of my students know them. Others have a more difficult time learning them. This leads to me providing personalized word lists for my students.

When I give my students a new word, I usually start with a practice and keep worksheet. The practice and keep worksheets contain various ways to practice the word. In addition to the different ways to practice a word, there is a flashcard included. The flashcard is for them to keep in a word folder for further practice.


When they are working at their word work stations throughout the week, they pull out their sight word practice and keep folder. The personalized sight words they are learning are in their folder to use throughout the week. This has been a great way to differentiate with your students.

folder to store words

Once I feel like they have mastered a word, they move it to the words I now side of their folder. They get so excited when they get to do this!

We even do a little celebration cheer with each other to really make a big deal of it.

sight word practice worksheets and folder

If you are interested in sight word practice and keep activities for your students, check out the pre-primer and primer sets below.

What are some of your favorite ways to practice sight words in your classroom? Share some of your ideas in the comment section!

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