Roll, Graph and Do (Freebie included)

Math is so fun to teach.  There are so many engaging activities to make for children to help the learn math concepts.  My kids absolutely love the Find, Tally and Graph activities.  My own son loves them too, and he recently asked if I would make him some more “racing games.”

Roll, Graph and Do

What is a racing game?  It is basically a die with pictures, and he would roll the die to see which picture had the most rolls.  Pretty simple, but I wanted to challenge him more and make something that I could use in my class.  I decided to combine the “racing” game and Find, Tally and Graph.  I came up with Roll, Graph and Do.

Students roll their own die to get the data.  I provide a die to cut and assemble, but I also provide squares.  The squares can be taped to a cube kleenex box, or used in these picture cubes.


Do you want to try a Roll, Graph and Do for free?  I made a BBQ version that would be fun to play over the summer.

roll, graph and do BBQ freebie

Here are the recording sheets included in these activities:

You can find more Roll, Graph and Do versions below.


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