Carnival Math Centers for 1st Grade

The end of the year is a great time to review and incorporate fun themes. One of the themes I like to set up is a carnival theme.

May Carnival MATH Centers previewpics 1

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Carnival Math Centers

Our May math centers have a carnival theme which makes for a fun end-of-the-year review.

Carnival Games Comparing Numbers

The comparing numbers math center reinforces the understanding of place value. Students match the greater than, less than, or equal to symbol to each center card. I provide base ten blocks for students to build the numbers if needed.

carnival math centers

Carnival Fact Families

Fact families are a great way to practice addition and subtraction fluency. When students can understand number relationships, their fact recall becomes something they don’t have to think about. We practice fact families a lot!

carnival math centers

Balanced Equations

Balanced equations can be tricky for 1st graders. This ferris wheel balanced equation center gives students practice with making balanced equations.

carnival math centers

Nonstandard Measurement

My class enjoys measuring with nonstandard units. This balloon nonstandard measuring activity is always a big hit. If you wanted to change it up a bit, you could use balloon erasers.

carnival math centers

Carnival Find, Tally, Graph, and Solve

Find, tally, and graph activities are an activity that we do all year long. Many skills are reviewed when we do them. My students are always excited when I put a new theme in our math tubs.

The find and graph page is great practice for counting and graphing.

carnival math centers

The find, tally, and solve page has students tally their results from counting. They use their results to solve addition and subtraction equations. The trick is there are no numerals in the equations. They must transfer the results from their data collecting (counting) to solve the equations.

carnival math centers

My favorite activity to challenge students is the ‘make your own equation.’ Students cut out the pictures and glue them onto the paper to make their own equations. After they glue their pictures down, I have them give their paper to a friend to complete.

carnival math centers

Carnival Expanded Form

Carnival expanded form is an activity that reinforces the understanding of counting tens and ones. I seem to have a few students who struggle with this each year, so I like to review this skill often.

carnival math centers

Carnival Missing Number Squares

Carnival missing number squares is an activity that reinforces the understanding of place value. Students look at a number and write what 1 less, 1 more, 10 less, and 10 more would be. This is another activity where I provide base ten blocks to help model what each number would be.

carnival math centers

Your students will love these carnival math centers! They are great for reviewing math concepts. Each activity includes a kid-friendly task card that shows how to do the activity. If you think your students will love these 1st-grade Carnival Math Centers, check them out below.

carnival math centers

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