Resource Round-Up: Owl Activities for the Classroom

Learning about owls is always a fun activity for primary grade students. This post is a round-up of various owl resources and activities that we have used in our classroom over the years.

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Fiction and nonfiction owl books are a must to add to a classroom library. Some of our favorite owl books can be found here.

Nonfiction Resources

Our owl unit consists of nonfiction reading passages, QR codes with videos about owls, vocabulary and so much more. You can read more about some of the owl nonfiction resources we use here.

Owl Interactive Notebooks

We use interactive notebooks in our class to record our science and social studies learning throughout the school year. This post shows more about how we use owl interactive notebooks during our owl unit.

Owl Art Activities

There are so many fun owl art activities you can do with your students. Here are pictures of some of our favorite owl art activities.

wise owl art
The Wise Owl

The wise owl is one of my favorites. First, you find an old dictionary. I have had an old Webster’s Dictionary that has lasted for years. Next, you tear out pages for your students to draw on. Disclaimer: read through the words on the dictionary pages before giving them to your students. You wouldn’t want an inappropriate word on one of the pages. Finally, yo lead your students through a direct daw of an owl. I had my students color theirs with colored pencils.

paper owl
Snowy Owl Tear Art

Another fun owl art project we do with our polar animal unit is a snowy owl tear art. On a large blue piece of construction paper, I have them draw a large oval for the body. Next, they draw a large circle for the head. Finally, we tear up white copy paper and newspaper into small strips. They glue them down to make their snowy owl. I love the way they turn out!

Owl Pellets

Owl pellets are always a big hit in the classroom. As gross as they are, kids are fascinated with them! You can read more about dissecting owl pellets here.

owl pellet on a plate with a journal next to the plate

There you have it! A round-up of fun owl activities and resources you can use in your classroom. What are some owl activities you like to do with your class?

Find More Owl Activities Below

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