Birthday Find, Tally, and Graph

This may seem extremely weird, but one thing I give my students for their birthday is a math activity. My students have come to love find, tally, and graph activities. So when a student has a birthday, I give them their own personal birthday find, tally, and graph pack as part of their birthday gift from me. I know, crazy but you would be pleasantly surprised by their reaction!

birthday find tally and graph activity

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Here’s the thing, kids love birthdays and they love to learn so why not combine the two. We have a few things we do in our class when a student has a birthday. They include a birthday crown, a birthday book, and this find, tall and graph birthday edition activity.

Find, Tally and Graph Activities

First, let me explain what a find, tally, and graph activity is before I explain how I use it as a birthday gift.

I have find, tally, and graph activities for many themes we use throughout the school year. Each themed activity includes:

  • Collage sheet
  • Graphing recording sheet
  • Tally recording sheet
  • Make your own equation sheet

Birthday Find, Tally and Graph Collage Sheet

The birthday collage sheet contains themed images for your students to count. I usually laminate mine or place them in a plastic sleeve. Students can use dry-erase markers to cross off each item after it has been counted.

birthday fnd tally and graph paper on table

Graphing Recording Sheet

The birthday graphing recording sheet is perfect for your early learners. This is what we start with in kindergarten.


Tally Recording Sheet

The birthday tally recording sheet is great for your first grader. They need to count each item and record the amount in tally marks. After their tally marks, they use those numbers to complete addition and subtraction equations.

Make Your Own Equation Sheet

This part of the find, tally, and graph activity is a great challenge for your 1st or 2nd grader. Students have to use their mathematical thinking skills to make their own equations with the pictures included. Once they have made their equation, have them challenge a classmate to complete the equation.

birthday find tally and grah make your own math paper

Birthday Find, Tally, and Graph

Since my students love these find, tally, and graph activities, I gave them one as part of their birthday gift. When it’s a student’s birthday, I give them a collage and a recording sheet. I put the activities in a plastic sleeve and attached a new dry-erase marker to it.

birthday find tally and graph paper in sheet protector with dry erase pend tied to it

You can get this Birthday find, tally, and graph activity for your students here for free.


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