Pumpkin Positional Word Book

Do your students need practice with positional words? This pumpkin positional word book is a fun way to practice these tricky words. Your students will love putting together this interactive book.

pumpkin positional word book

Positional Word Reader

This pumpkin positional word book is an easy reader where students cut out pumpkins and glue them onto each page according to the prepositional phrase. This activity is great for centers or can be used as an independent activity.

pumpkin positional word book

To make this activity even more engaging, add mini pumpkins to the center. Have students place their pumpkin in places and then use positional words to describe the position of the pumpkin.

Some examples could be:

  • The pumpkin is on the chair.
  • The pumpkin is under the table.
  • The pumpkin is in the basket.
  • The pumpkin is between the book and the crayons.

Using pumpkins to model positional words is especially helpful for young students or English learners.

pumpkin positional word book

The last page is a create-your-own page. Students choose a positional word they want to use. They glue it into the book with a snowman and write their sentence. Last, they illustrate their page.

If you are interested in this pumpkin positional word book, check it out below.

pumpkin positional reader

You can find a similar freebie for a cookie reader here.

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