Cookie Prepositions Easy Reader

Do your students need practice with prepositions or positional words? This cookie easy reader freebie is a fun way to practice these tricky words.

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Where is a Cookie? is an easy reader where students cut out cookies and glue them onto each page according to the positional word. This activity makes for a great center or independent practice activity.

paper book called where is cookie?
page in a book with a mixer and cookie

The last page of the book is a create-your-own page. Students choose the preposition or positional word they want to use. They glue it into the book and write their sentence. Last, they illustrate their page.

book with cookie

When they are done illustrating their book, have them share their book with classmates. They will love the chance to get to practice reading their book filled with prepositions.

Be sure to grab this freebie below.

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