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Hi, Everyone!  I am Autumn Morrison.  I will be starting my eighth year teaching first grade this fall.  I have previously taught preschool, kindergarten, and third grade.  I have a store on TpT (The Primary Techie).  I make lots of fun learning games.  If you have a projector, I have the games for you!  🙂

It is so funny to guest blog when I neglect my own blog so badly!  I haven’t posted anything in months.  I was so honored when Renee asked me to fill in for her.  Don’t tell her that I am lousy at blogging!  🙂

I have a confession to make – I don’t really like summer very much.  I start to get depressed.  If I don’t go anywhere for a couple days, I think “what was the point in getting dressed today?”  I need to stay busy so I don’t find myself glued to the couch for days.  For this reason, I go to school – A LOT!  I have been known to spend 16 hour days in my classroom over the summer.  YIKES! 

Summer planning reminds me of being pregnant.  You dream of what this new child (class) will be like.  You have all these hopes for the future.  You read books to brush-up on the latest studies and research.  Setting up the classroom is like getting the nursery ready. You dream of bringing the baby home (first day of school).  I love all the planning and hopeful, happy thoughts summer brings. 

Teachers at my school make wishlists at the end of the year.  This year, I am asking for storage and furniture.  Here are some of the goodies on my list:


 I asked for two of these big guys.  I am a hoarder so I NEED more places to put things!

shelfbenchI want to redo my library and I love that this bench has storage in both the front and on the back.  The book shelf also has storage on the backside.  PLACES TO HIDE THINGS!!! 🙂

listening+centerI got lots of listening center stuff from Donors Choose this year and thought this would look so cute in a corner!

loftEVERY year, I ask for a loft but never get one.  This year I added a note that said my one regret in life is never owning a loft.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that my principal will fall for that!  I think it would be such a special place to build reading memories.  Kids would never forget having something like this in their classroom.  PLEASE, MRS. SMITH!!!  PRETTY, PRETTY PLEASE!!!
I am also excited, because I am getting a new smartboard this year!  I have had a Promethean board, but I will be getting an Epson projector.  It has an interactive pen and will shine on my white board.  I am looking forward to more wall space.  The Promethean was really nice because it could be lowered for the kids.  The bad thing about my Promethean was the light bulb.  It dimmed so much and so quickly.  We had to turn the lights off whenever we used it.  The Epson is SUPER bright. 
197750 10151035195136528 2008640397 nPinterest will also keep me busy this summer.  SO many great ideas!  I have started a new collaborative board with Renee and several other great teachers.  We are combining all of our best pins and ideas into one place.  It is going to be AWESOME!  Stop by the new Primary Party Collaborative board!  It is going to be a fantastic board to follow.  
Hey!  Blogging isn’t so bad after all.  Maybe I will try this on my own blog! 🙂  Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a terrific summer doing whatever makes YOU happy! –



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