Pop! A Popcorn Alphabet Matching Game

We all know that games are a great way to reinforce learning. This Pop! alphabet matching game is perfect for letter identification. Students can play it in a small group or an independent activity.

popcorn alphabet game

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Pop! An Alphabet Matching Game

I picked up these popcorn containers and filled them up with our ‘popcorn’ from the game.

61GS MQkGlL. AC SL1000

The game is simple. Students take a piece of popcorn. If the piece is a letter, they name the letter and say the sound. There is a recording sheet included if you want your students to write the letter. If they pick a ‘pop’ piece of popcorn, they put all of their pieces they have collected back into the container.

popcorn container with letter pieces and a paper with popcorn letters to trace

Students continue until the letters of the alphabet have been found. You can leave out the ‘pop’ cards if you choose!

You can get this free popcorn alphabet matching game below.

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