How Is Popcorn Made? A QR Code Freebie

Have you ever wondered how popcorn is made? Your students will love learning about how popcorn is made with this free QR code activity. Qr codes provide a way to deliver information to students electronically.


Popcorn QR Code

You will need access to technology (Chromebook or tablet) for this freebie. Print out the QR code scan cards or the recording sheet. Students scan the QR code on their Chromebook or tablet to watch the video. You can read more about using QR codes here.

paper with a QR code

The QR code in this freebie leads to a video explaining where how popcorn is made. Students are brought directly to the video (no ads or sidebar videos). After watching the video, students can fill out an optional recording sheet. The recording sheet has the QR code on it as well so they can watch the video at home if they choose.

Download the QR Code activity by filling out the form below.

blog form sign up popcorn QR code

You can find more QR code activities here.

qr code on a paper

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