I Can Recycle

Last week we learned about the three R’s…recycle, reduce, reuse.  One of the ways we began this was reading the story I Stink!  We talked about trash and made some great garbage trucks in our art class.  Another thing we made is a recycling truck and we brainstormed items we can recycle instead of throwing them into the landfill.

IMG 1201
IMG 1202
IMG 1200
Next week we begin the 4th R, rot!  My favorite one, worms.  I will post some of the activities soon. This recycling truck and many other activities came from my Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot Brain Smart pack.
If you already own this, please re-download it.  I have added more to it.  To see some activities from this pack, read this worms post and worm buddies post.

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