Carnival Literacy Centers

The end of the year is a fun time to review skills we have learned all year long. Using themes is a fun way to review. One of the themes I like to use is the carnival theme. These carnival literacy centers will keep your 1st graders engaged during small group time.

carnival literacy centers

1st Grade Carnival Literacy Centers

The carnival literacy centers we use review skills we have learned throughout the year.

r-Controlled Vowel Sort

We practice syllables often in our class. The r-controlled vowel sort center requires students to sort the pictures according to the r-controlled vowel sound they hear in the word. On the recording sheet, students write the r-controlled vowel onto the snow cones.

carnival literacy centers

Digraph Sort

The ring toss digraph (ch, sh, th) sort is a way to practice hearing digraph sound in words. Students sort the rings according to the digraph they hear in the word. They match the rings to the correct digraph. There is a cut-and-glue worksheet for reinforcement.

carnival literacy centers

Sentence Scramble

Sentence scrambles are a great way to practice word order in sentences. Students figure out the correct word order for each sentence. These sentence scramble cards do not have punctuation or the beginning word capitalized, adding a challenging element to this center. On the recording sheet, students write the sentence correctly using the correct punctuation.

carnival literacy centers

Plural Nouns

Plural nouns can be tricky for kids. This activity has students sorting words to the correct plural ending.

carnival literacy centers

Sounds of -ed Sort

When words end in -ed, it can be tricky for students. This center requires students to sort balloons according to the sound they hear at the end of each word.

carnival literacy centers

Punctuation Sort

My students can always practice punctuation at the end of sentences. This center requires students to read sentences and match the correct popcorn punctuation, period, or question mark. The optional recording sheet has them write one telling sentence and one asking sentence from their matches.

carnival literacy centers

Vowel Sort

The vowel sort center has students sorting tickets to the correct vowel ticket booth. They must determine the if the vowel they hear is a short or long vowel. My students love the carnival theme! There is a recording sheet for students to complete.

carnival literacy centers

ABC Order

Putting words in alphabetic order is a great way to show an understanding of the alphabet.

carnival literacy centers

Your students will enjoy these carnival-themed literacy centers! They are great for reviewing literacy concepts. Each activity includes a kid-friendly task card that shows how to do the activity. If you think your students will love these 1st-grade Carnival Literacy Centers, check them out below.

May Carnival Literacy Centers

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