Football Math Activities

I am a huge sports fan and I always have a few students who also like sports. These football math activities are a fun way to connect with my little sports fans. We like to compare what teams we root for. During playoff season, I like to put these football math activities in our math centers.

1st Football math Centers

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Football Math Activities

My favorite time to pull out these football math activities is during playoff season. Playoff season is also the time of year when a few of my students begin flag football. These football math centers are a great hook for learning!

Football Fact Families

Fact families are a great way to practice addition and subtraction fluency with your students. We talk about number relationships a lot and this center is a fun way to practice number relationships.

1st Football math Centers

Football Food Concessions

Football Concessions is a math center that has your class counting coins and matching them to the correct price.

1st Football math Centers

Football Measurement

Football measurement is a nonstandard measurement math center. Students use a football ruler to measure various items. You can also mini football erasers to use as a measuring tool.

1st Football math Centers

Equation Sort

This football equation sort is another way to practice addition and subtraction facts. This center has students decide if the equation given is true or false.

1st Football math Centers

Football Logical Thinking

The football logic center is a favorite with my students. Students each quarter line-up card to determine the line-up of helmets. There are football helmets to move around so they can figure out each line-up.

1st Football math Centers previewpics

Football Game Time!

This football telling time math center has students matching time to the hour and half-hour.

1st Football math Centers

Sports, Find, Tally, Graph & Solve

Other favorite math activities are find, tally, and Graph activities. Students use a collage of sports equipment pictures and count them up. After counting, they can graph their results. They can also tally and solve equations. And for a challenge, they can make your own equations for a friend.


Learn more about these football math activities below.

1st Football math Centers

There is an overview of the football math activities we use during the football season. These math centers are always engaging and provide a review of tricky math concepts. If you are looking for football-themed books, be sure to read this post.

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