Alphabet Letter Craft Freebie

We spend a good portion of the year learning the alphabet in kindergarten. We do activities that reinforce letter recognition, letter formation, and letter sounds. Alphabet letter crafts are a fun way to practice all of these skills!

alphabet letter craft

Alphabet Letter Crafts

Alphabet letter crafts are a hands-on way to practice cutting, gluing, and letter identification. I like it when students have to cut out the shape of the letter and incorporate it into the letter craft. These uppercase and lowercase letter crafts are a big hit in our class!

Letter Craft Options

These letter craft packs come with two main options. One option is a one-page craft. Students color the pieces the colors they choose, cut out the pieces, and assemble the craft. This is a great way to say paper, no construction paper is needed!

alphabet letter craft

The second option is copying the pieces onto construction paper. Students cut out the pieces and assemble the letter craft. This is my preferred method.

alphabet letter craft

Pocket Chart Directions

At the beginning of the year, we do this weekly craft with the whole class. This gives me a chance to model my expectations. It also allows me to monitor who needs help with cutting and gluing. Once my class has a handle on these alphabet letter crafts, I put the activity as a center activity. I put step-by-step directions in a pocket chart for my students to follow. Samples are included, so students can visually see what to do at each step.

alphabet letter craft pocket chart directions

My class loves it when we start making the craft in small groups. This turns into an independent station and my students feel so successful.

Would you like to try out this alphabet letter craft? You can get the letter A craft for free here.

A letter craft

Or you can get the bundle of them all here.

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