Back-to-School Must Haves (for the teacher)

It’s hard to believe that the beginning of the school year will be upon us soon.  I am here today to share some must haves for you, the teacher!  These are not must-haves to make your classroom run smoothly, but they are must-haves to make you feel or look good as a teacher! 

five teacher btw must haves
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1. Keurig Coffee Maker

Let’s be honest.  How can one not survive the day surrounded by littles with a little caffeine?  If you can, kudos to you.  I can not.  My neighbor has a Keurig coffee maker in her classroom and I think I may break down this year and get my own.   Walking next door can be such a journey.


2. Klean Kanteens

I drink a lot of water and coffee throughout the day.  I must have a good bottle to keep my water cold and my coffee hot!  My favorite is the insulated bottle from Klean Kanteen.  I have one for water and one for coffee.  If I have ice in there and forget about it, the ice is still in there the next day!  My stuff stays cold when it needs to be cold and hot when I want it to be hot.  They come in lots of fun colors too.

3. Teacher Tote Bag

You must have a cute teacher bag to bring to school!  You will notice that my favorite is not too large.  It’s big enough to fit a laptop in, but not too much “take-home” work.  There is a reason for this!  I believe when we leave, we should go home to have time to ourselves and our families.  I try really hard not to bring things home on the weeknights.  On Fridays, I may bring a thing or two home, but I really try not to.  This bag works perfect and its stylish!  The Jack&Chris Leather Tote Bag is my favorite.


4. Comfy Flats

If you are a teacher, you know there is no way our feet can survive a day in cheap, uncomfortable shoes!  Finding cute, comfortable shoes can be very expensive.  I have found a pair that I love and they are reasonably priced.   They are the Lucky Brand Emmie Ballet Flats.  They come in all sorts of colors and fun patterns.  I think I have four pairs now, and I want to get a new pair before the new school year starts!


5. Lightweight Cardigan

So I don’t know how things work at every school, but mine works this way.  I have a college degree, but I cannot control the temperature in my own classroom.  Nope.  Not allowed.  So,  I have learned to have a sweater on hand for when I am freezing and I cannot turn off the air.  I have found the best cardigan from Splendid.  It’s called the Splendid Grandpa Cardigan.  It’s kind of a silly name.  I am not a grandpa, but I love it!  I bought mine at a local boutique, but I found the same one on Amazon.  Do you want to know why I love it so much?  It has pockets!  I can throw it on and have my phone in there…Splendid!


There you have it!  My top five favorite things for the teacher!  What are some of your favorite teacher must haves for the school year?  I will be back with another blogpost with my favorite things for the classroom.




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