Go Noodle Math (freebie)

Do you Go Noodle?  If you do, have you ever tied to integrate it with your math time in the classroom?  Check out how I have incorporated math and opinion writing with Go Noodle.  

If you are familiar with Go Noodle, you will recognize this screen.


Whenever you finish a Go Noodle activity, you build up to ten in order to upgrade your Go Noodle champ. I decided to take this opportunity to turn this into a math activity.  In our class, we have a Go Noodle champ every day.  The Go Noodle champ gets to wear a fun lanyard for the day.

go noodle lanyard

The Champ picks out the Go Noodle dances throughout the day and helps to fill out the ten frame that I made. I laminated mine and hung it up.  We complete this as a class each time we finish a dance.  It’s a great reinforcer of making tens.  

You can grab your Go Noodle Math freebie here!

Slide1 16

Another thing we did, is made a graph of our favorite Go Noodle Champ.  On the Go Noodle blog, you can find some of the champs.  I printed them out and we graphed which our favorite was.  Next year, I would like my students to add writing to this.  I think it would be fun to write an opinion piece on why they chose their champ.  You could even graph your favorite Go Noodle dances.  

go noodle graph

If you are not a Go Noodle user, what are you waiting for?  It’s free!  It helps to get the wiggles out and the kids love it.  To learn more about Go Noodle, click here.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I’m looking forward to using the Go Noodle math ten frames this year.

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