Hocus Pocus – A Halloween Counting Game

Are you wondering what to do with all of those extra Halloween items you purchased from the dollar bins? We played the best Halloween counting game using various Halloween items.


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Halloween Counting Game

Hocus Pocus is a counting game that uses small items that you can usually find around Halloween time at the Dollar Store or dollar bins. These items are the ingredients that are needed to complete the hocus pocus recipes. I like to place them in a large cauldron I found.

Here are some ingredients we use:

Halloween cauldron and small toys

In the middle of the station, I place the large cauldron with all the ‘ingredients.” Each student gets their own mini cauldron and a recipe card.

cauldron, with recipe, and Halloween toys

To play the game, each student takes turns spinning the spinner. Whatever ingredient the spinner lands on, that student takes that ingredient from the big cauldron. If the item is an item on their recipe card, they keep it and put it in their own mini cauldron. The object of the game it to count and collect all the ingredients on your recipe card before others.

Halloween spinner

This game was so much fun!! I made two types of recipe cards, one with ten ingredients, and the other with twenty ingredients. My students ask to play this daily now that they have learned how. If you are interested in playing this with your class, check it out here:

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