Word Work It! Sight Word Activities

Word work is such an important part of our day.  During our reading block, my students go to a word work station.  This is a time for them to practice sounds, word families, or sight words. 

Word work activities that can be tailored to used with any words that you want.


There are six tubs filled with activities for my students to choose from.  The word work tubs are from Ikea.  Some of the tubs have phonics activities that coordinate with the sound or word family we are working on or a review of activities.  The other tubs have activities that can be used with the sight words they are practicing.  My students have an individualized list of words they practice.  You can read more about them here.

word work tubs

Word Work

I like to have activities that can be tailored to what each child is working on.  These Word Work It activities are fun and engaging for my students.  They write in their words that they are learning, and then practice in an engaging way!

These sight word activities are something we practice how to use in a small group first. Then, I let them practice on their own. They like having a choice of activities to choose from.  These activities can all be found in our Word Work It sight word pack.

More Resources

In addition to practicing sight words, I have a couple of tubs with some phonics review.  I usually pull activities from these packs:

What are some of your favorite word work activities?


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