Fun Word Family Activities

One of my favorite times of year in kindergarten is when we get to the point of learning word families. Teaching word families is a great way to boost confidence in young readers. I like to use a variety of hands-on activities to teach word families.

word family activities

Word Families Activities

Teaching word families to young readers reinforces rhyming. It is also an early introduction to phoneme blending. When teaching word families, students need to focus on the beginning sound of a word.

word family posters

In kindergarten, I like to focus on one-word family each week. Once my students begin to understand the pattern and phoneme manipulation of word families, I move to teach two-word families each week. Each week we do various engaging activities to help guide our focus word family.

Word Family Sorts

Sorts are a great way for students to practice hearing the different word families. I like to use paint stir sticks as a sorting tool. Home improvement stores give the sticks out for free. Just add some velcro and you have a great fine motor sort activity. I put these paint stick sorts at one of our literacy centers each week.

word family paint sticks

Reading Fluency

Building reading fluency is a goal we have in our classroom. One of our word family activities we do each week is practice reading our word and sentence fluency cards we reach each week.

word family fluency

Mini-Books and More

Throughout the week my students practice their new word family knowledge with mini-books and interactive worksheets.

word family mini books
word family paper and spinner
word family worksheets

Word Family Crowns

One of our favorite culminating word family activities we do is make a crown. This is always a big hit! They are easy to make and they can wear it home and read words in our focus word family.

word family crown

Check out More Word Family Activities Below.

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