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This week in my class we are wrapping up our unit on bats and talking about Thanksgiving.  We talked about life in the 1950s last week,  and are comparing it to life now.  This week we are looking at life back in the early settler years.  We have been enjoying some of the activities from the Scholastic First Thanksgiving.


We have also been enjoying these now and then books:

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In class, we have talked a lot about life then and now.  I think that all of my kids agree that life is much better now in compared to life back then.  We compared and contrasted long ago and now.  I made a cute venn diagram, but didn’t take a picture, sorry!  We sorted items from long ago and today.

Do you teach long ago and today? Here is a great sort and interactive notebook freebie.

Interactive Notebooks

Next, we did some work in our interactive notebook.  We continued our sort in our notebooks.  I took down what we did as a class and used this as an assessment to see if they were understanding what we were learning.

You can grab your long-ago and today interactive notebook sort freebie below.

Then and Now sort

Do you teach about life now and then?  What resources have you found helpful?


  1. Thanks for the sort. It's funny how even "pencil and paper" can seem like the recent past since we use dry erase markers and the ipad so much more now! I would love to see the words "past" and "present" too so use vocabulary.

    1. Renee Dooly says:

      You’re welcome!

    1. Renee Dooly says:

      You’re welcome!

  2. I can’t access the freebie of long ago and today and also can you send me the colored cards to go along with this activity. Love it!!!

    1. Renee Dooly says:

      Right below the picture, they is a box that says get your freebie. Enter your name and email and then you will be taken to the freebie. I don’t have the color cards available right now. I made them for the day, but they didn’t actually get saved.

      1. I was able at access the card and the colored cards printed out also. Yes past and present would be nice to see since those are the words that was used in their social studies text. We used the cads Thursday. Thank you for this creative activity. Deborah

  3. Cute freebie for little ones.

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