The Exploding Egg

Hello friends!  We are moving along in our class.  We have a short week because of Easter and we are in between units, so I am doing random things (that correlate to the standards).  One of the things we worked on today was the exploding egg.  

I love showing them this “magic” trick.  First, I traced a circle with a black marker and copied it onto white paper.  Next,  the kids used marker to decorate the circle as they wish.  They had to “chase the white” away.



After they finish coloring in the circle, they cut out the circle.  Then, you teach them how to cut the circle into strips.  I have them cut the strips about as thick as their pinky finger. As they cut out the strips, I have them lay them out onto a 9 X 12 piece of paper.  Once they are done, they see the magic.  Their circle is now an egg shape.  Last, they glue each strip onto the paper.  The kids are always amazed by this ‘magic’.  



There you have it, the exploding egg!  A couple of other things to share.  Have you signed up for my newsletter?  I am getting ready to send out my first one next week.  I am planning to do one per month and they will include a freebie.  The last thing is to be sure and check back her Thursday night.  I am part of a freebie blog hop.  A lot of great blogs are giving awwy freebies.



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