5 Ways to Use Plastic Eggs in the Classroom

Easter is just around the corner and plastic eggs are readily available in craft stores, grocery stores, and even the Dollar stores. Now is the time to stock up on the plastic eggs to use throughout the year. You don’t have to use them only at Easter!

Here are five ways that I use plastic eggs in the classroom.

Sight Words Eggs

Sight word unscramble is a favorite with my class. I place letter tiles in the eggs that spell a sight word. My students open an egg and figure out the word. They write the word in the egg with the matching number.


“Egg-citing” Math Equations

 “egg-citing” equations fun way to practice math equations.  Just write an equation on a strip of paper and put it in an egg. Students write the answer to the equation on the paper.  The thing to remember is to number your problems, so the students match the problem to the corresponding number on the egg and paper.  This makes it easy to correct.


Money Hunt

My kids always love the money hunt.  For this activity, place real or fake coins in each egg.  Students open each egg, count the coins and write the amount on their paper.  The important thing to remind your students is to put the coins back in the egg before they get the next egg.


Contraction Eggs

The contraction egg hunt is a fun activity.  First, you need to prep the eggs by writing the contraction on one half and the two words that make up the contraction on the second half. Place them in a container, already apart.  Students find a match the contraction with the two words that make up that equation.  


Egg Hunt Freebie

Are you ready for a freebie?  Click the picture below to grab your own recording sheet.

Egg Hunt Freebie
Plastic Egg Hunt Freebie

 In addition to these egg activities, we love to read Easter-themed books. You can check out our list of favorite Easter read-alouds here.

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