Summer Reads 2018

Can you smell it? Summer! Are you on the countdown? I am! It’s always sad to say goodbye to my group of students, but I love being able to reenergize my body and take some time for myself and family. I love to read, but honestly during the school year I just find that I am too busy. So, I pack my reading in during my summer break. Here are some of my books that I will be reading this summer.

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Professional Books

During the summer, I always pick a few books to read for professional growth. The first one, The Power of Habit has been on my wishlist for a while. This is the summer I plant to read it!


I have heard great things about The Power of Habit.

The next one is on my list because I heard a speaker talk about secondary trauma and gave us this book to read. As teachers we experience secondary trauma on a daily basis. This book is about self-care for those who experience secondary trauma.


Trauma Stewardship

Another book that looks intriguing is From Striving to Thriving. I always seem to have a couple of students who struggle with reading confidence. I am hoping this book will provide some strategies to use to help with that.


From Striving to Thriving

Pleasure Books

Summer is the time to focus on me and reading books for pleasure are something the that I love to do! The books below were either recommended by friends or looked interesting to me.


Before We Were Yours


Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine


Small Great Things

Have you read any of the above books? What books are on your summer reading list? I am sure I will be adding more, but as of right now that is what I have. If you follow my on Instagram, I will be adding books I read to my feed!


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