1st Grade Spring Math Centers

Are you ready for spring?   I know that I definitely am! Spring is a fun time in first grade. My students are really starting to understand tricky math concepts. Our 1st grade spring math centers are filled with engaging activities that challenge my students and provide a review of previous concepts taught.


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1st Grade Spring Math Centers

Here are the math activities we have in our math centers for spring. In our centers, I like to add flower counters to these centers. If you have mini erasers, they work great as well!

Comparing Numbers

The spring comparing numbers center gives my students a chance to review the symbols greater than, less than, and equal to.


Fact Families

Fact families are a great way to practice fact fluency with your students. We practice them all the time! In this spring math center, students match the nest families with the bird equations.


Balanced Equations

Balanced Equations can be a tricky concept for students to understand. Honeycomb equations are a way to practice matching equations to make them balanced. Do your students struggle with this?


Find, Tally, Graph & Solve Activities

Find, Tally, Graph, and Solve activities are always a favorite with my students. We have them in our math centers all year long.

Missing Number Squares

Missing Number Squares is an activity that reinforces the understanding of 10 less, 10 more, 1 less, and 1 more.


Rainy Day Measurement

Have you ever wondered how many raindrops long an item is? Probably not, but your students will still have fun with this nonstandard measurement center.


Spring Telling Time

Spring is the time that we learn how to tell time to the hour and half-hour in 1st grade. This telling time match requires students to match the digital time to the analog clock. On the recording sheet, they write the correct time of each clock.

1st Spring math Centers previewpics 3

These spring math activities should keep my students busy! If you are interested in any of these math centers, be sure you check them out below.

1st Spring math Centers previewpics

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