Interactive Frog Resources for the Classroom


Ribbit! Ribbit! Are you looking for interactive frog resources for your classroom? This post is packed full of engaging frog activities for your classroom.


Frog Books

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frog books

In addition to nonfiction books, these frog life cycle manipulatives are fun to have around for your students to use to demonstrate the frog life cycle.

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Interactive Habitat Wall

One of the collaborative activities we do with our frog unit is build an interactive frog habitat. We used one of our white boards and built our frog habitat with frogs in various parts of the life cycle. This was a big hit! Students were able to refer to it and explain the cycle and habitat of a frog.


Frog Interactive Notebooks

We use our interactive notebooks to reinforce the life cycle of the frog. 

Frog Nonfiction Unit

My students also do a little of frog research. We read nonfiction text passages, watch frog videos attached to QR codes, learn frog vocabulary and write about frogs.

If you are looking to add any of these frog resources to your classroom, check them out below.

frog interactive notebook

Frogs Interactive Notebook Kit can be found at The Teacher Bag or TPT.

frog nonfiction unit

Find the Frog Nonfiction Unit at The Teacher Bag or TPT.





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