Rainbow Story Retell Bracelets

Do your students struggle with remembering to give all the main details when retelling a story? Rainbow retell bracelets are a fun way to help students retell stories. They were a big hit!


Rainbow Retell Bracelets

In class, we have been practicing how to retell a story. We would practice after read-alouds and after our guided reading groups. I made a rainbow retell anchor chart to help my students remember to include the important details.


Next, we made the retell bracelets. All we needed were chenille stems and rainbow-colored pony beads. Having the ability to physically move the beads on the bracelet while retelling that detail of the story helps to be sure students are including all of the details. 


Once we made the bracelets, we practiced retelling with each other and our big buddies. Finally, we wrote down the details of stories on a rainbow retell graphic organizer.


You can grab this rainbow retell organizer below.

At the end of the day, my students took the bracelets home. I wanted them to be able to use them at home to retell stories.

rainbow retell bracelets

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