Do It Now! Getting Ahead For Next Year

This always happens, I am not even finished with the school year and I am already thinking about getting ahead for next year.  Do you do that?  I always try to do a few things to get prepped and/or planned to make my life a little less hectic come August.

getting ahead for next year

Reflect on the Year

I always try to think back through my year and ask myself, “What went well and what would I change?”  I know each group of kids is different and can change the dynamics of a class, but I still try to think about this.  Here are some of my major questions,

  • Did I like my year plan?
  • Did I like my daily schedule?
  • Was there something that I did not get to that I wished I had gotten to?
  • Was there something that I could skip over or spend less time on next year?
  • What projects worked (we are a project-based learning school)?

I have a reflection sheet I made.  Writing down my thoughts always helps me.  Feel free to grab a copy below.

school year reflection

Take Inventory

In August, I always go a little bananas with school supplies.  I always stock up on things because they are a good price.  I ask for many supplies to be donated, but some things I just buy myself.  Well, this year, I am taking inventory of my leftover supplies.  I always try to buy a few extra in case I get new students, but I am really going to try and buy just what I need!


Make Copies

I make copies of the tried and true first week activities ahead of time.  That way when there is a traffic jam at the copy machines in August, I am not in a panic.


Pull Out First Week Books

I don’t know about you, but when I return in August my classroom is never organized in the same way that I left it in June.  I think the cleaning crew likes to play tricks on me and hide things that I want for the first week of school.  So I have learned to pull out my first week books and favorite activities and put them in a special place (usually my garage).


Think Ahead

I always have something in mind that I would like to try new for next year; a new strategy, management tool, unit of study, project, etc?  Once I decide on what the new project is, I need to plan for it.  Do I need to buy a book to help with my research?  Is there a video I can put on my “to watch” list?  I always have one or two “teacher” books that I try to read over the summer.  Here are two on my list for this summer.

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There you have it!  Have you already started to think about the next school year?  Do you have any set tasks you do to help for getting ahead for next year?

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