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It’s time for one of my favorite units of the year…rainforests!  I absolutely love teaching about the rainforest.  It’s so engaging for students.  Even though we can’t visit a tropical rainforest where we live, they connect to what we learn about and can transfer the big ideas to our local ecosystems.  

Rainforest Books

There are a ton of great nonfiction and fiction books out there on the rainforest.  Here are some of my favorites to read.

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rainforest books Collage

  1. Smart Kids Rainforest
  2. A Rainforest Habitat
  3. In the Rainforest
  4. Magic School Bus: The Rainforest
  5. The Great Kapok Tree
  6. Rain Forest Animal Adaptations
  7. The Umbrella
  8. If I Ran the Rainforest
  9. Amazon Rainforest
  10. Step into the Rainforest

Center Ideas

I also pull out the rainforest math and literacy centers.  You can read more about them here.

rain-forest-math--Collage2 Rainforest-Literacy-Collage2At this point of the year, we are writing so much in the classroom.  During our work on writing time, I always have students who want to write about their journeys in the a rainforest.  The stories are always so cute!  I like to pull out the rainforest words, to help with spelling those tough words.


We read a lot of nonfiction books and articles about rainforests.  I like to pull reading passages, vocabulary cards and graphic organizers from the unit Rainforests.

Once we have learned some basics about rainforests, each of my students research and write a rainforest animal report.  They love this!  I pull articles about various rainforest animals from my Rainforest Animal Close Read packs.


And throughout all of this, we are always adding to our interactive notebooks.  I pull resources from the Rainforest interactive notebook pack.  The kids love it!


I’ve been collecting ideas and resources on a Pinterest board.  Click the picture below to find some more inspiration!

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