1st Grade Spring Literacy Activities

Spring is in the air! I love the transition from winter to spring. Outside, the leaves are returning to the trees, the flowers bloom, and the foothills are great. In the classroom, students are blossoming with their independence. These spring literacy activities are a great review for this time of year. My class always gets so excited when I put new activities in our morning tubs and centers.

spring literacy activities

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Spring Literacy Centers

Our spring literacy activities are put into our morning tubs and literacy center rotations.

Digraph Sort

The spring garden digraph (ch, sh, th) sort is a favorite with my students. They have to sort the flowers to the correct digraph flower pot. They sort the flowers according to the digraph they hear in each word, and where they hear the sounds (beginning or end). I usually give the cut and glue recording sheet as a follow-up review activity.


Compound Words

The compound word sort has students deciding which two raindrop words make up the picture in the umbrella.


S-Blend Sort

Blends are always tricky for my students. The spring s-blends sort gives them practice sorting words with s-blends (sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, st,sw) in the beginning.


Punctuation Sort

My class can always use practice with punctuation. This center requires students to read sentences and match the correct punctuation, period, or question mark. The optional recording sheet has them write one telling sentence and one asking sentence from their matches.


Long and Short Vowel Sort

The vowel sort center requires students to hear the different sounds on vowels in words. in this center, students sort the pictures to the correct beehive. There is a cut and glue recording sheet that can be used with the center, or a separate activity.


Syllable Sort

First graders can always use syllable practice. This center requires students to sort the pictures to the correct number of syllables. On the recording sheet, they color the number of flowers to match the number of syllables. For example, the word rainbow has two syllables. On the recording sheet, students color two flowers under the rainbow picture.


Spring Sentence Scramble

Sentence scrambles are a great way to practice word order in sentences. Students need to be able to problem-solve to figure out the correct word order of each sentence. These first-grade sentence scramble cards do not have punctuation or the beginning word capitalized, adding a challenging element to this center. On the recording sheet, students write the sentence correctly.


Spring ABC Order

Putting words in alphabetic order is a great way to show an understanding of the alphabet.


Hop into spring with these spring-themed literacy activities! They are great for reviewing literacy concepts. Each activity includes a kid-friendly task card that shows how to do the activity. If you think your students will love these 1st-grade Spring Literacy Centers, check them out below.


What are some spring literacy activities you like to do with your class?

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