Using Individual Word Building Kits in the Classroom


As we look ahead to the new school year, there is a strong possibility that shared supplies will be eliminated due to COVID-19. I have been thinking about how to make common learning tools for individual use. Word building is a daily routine in my classroom. These individual word building kits word building kits will work perfect for our making words activities.

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Individual Word Building Kit in a Box

My summer plan is to make a word building kit for each student to keep at their desk. There will be some prep, but I think it will be a great replacement for magnetic letters. The kits were made to fit into regular sized pencil boxes. I personally love the Iris brand ones from Amazon. Overall, they are a little more pricey but they are good quality.

First, you will need to copy the pieces you want. Next, I recommend laminating the pieces for durability. After laminating and cutting out the letters, you attach the letters to the storage mat with velcro dots. The 1cm dots were the perfect size. I use velcro tape on the word building mat so any size word can be made.

There you have it! Individual word building kits at the fingertips of your students.


Word Building Folder Alternative

An alternative to the pencil box version is to use a file folder. I would recommend putting the folder together (except for the individual letters) and laminate it. After the folder, is laminated, the velcro dots and strips are placed in the same places as the box version.

word building folder 1 scaled

You can grab the individual word building kit in The Teacher Bag Store or TPT.

personal word building kit

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