Personal Word-Building Kit

Personal word-building kits are great for those students who are unable to share supplies with their classmates. These word building kits were designed to fit into a pencil box.




Personal word-building kits are perfect for small groups or individual tutor groups. You can even send them home for practice at home.

We usually use a cookie sheet with magnetic letters on them for word-building activities. But, we only have six letter trays in the classroom, which for small groups is fine. These personal word-building kits allow each students to have the supplies needed for word-building activities.

Each student can have their own kit for making words. Everything in this kit is meant to fit into a pencil box. As an alternative, you could put the pieces in a file folder and laminate. Then your students can have a portable file folder sized word building kit.

  • letters and storage mat
  • word building mat
  • alphabet charts (various choices)
  • writing cards (various choices)
  • sound boxes (various choices)

Read about them on the blog here.

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