Summer Journal Writing

Summer is approaching fast! This time of year is always bittersweet for me because I love my group of kids, but I am also ready for the slow pace of summer. I like to send my kids off with something that will help prevent the summer slide, yet is not too “schoolish.”  Yes, I made that word up.  Summer writing journals are a great way to incorporate writing and reading!

Summer Writing Journals

I think summertime is when kids should play and be a kid. But why not write down their summer memories of being a kid?

Summer writing journals are a great way to document memories. One of the gifts I give my students at the end of the year is a new notebook and summer journal prompts,

summer jounrals1

During the back-to-school season, I buy extra an extra class set of spiral notebooks. I save them for their summer journals.  I print out the journal prompts and provide them with a cute pencil and eraser.  They can choose their prompt, cut it out and then write about it. We use journal prompts all year, so they know the format.

summer journals2

When I give the summer journals out, I tell my students to bring them back at the end of summer and show me their journal. If they show me their journal, I give them a prize. The prize is usually a fun new pencil!  

If you are interested in the summer journal prompts, you can find them here.

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